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The Best Star Wars Aquarium Decor: Stunning & Safe For Your Tank!

Star Wars themed aquariums continue to become ever more popular. So let’s find the best Star Wars aquarium decor for your dream tank!

By Matt Thomas
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best star wars aquarium decor
Image Source: “Star Wars TIE Fighter” by Marco Verch is licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you’re a Star Wars fan, turning your fish tank into an underwater space saga can be the ultimate dream! But sometimes, your options for the best Star Wars aquarium decor can be quite limited.

That’s why we spent countless hours assessing the best Star Wars decor available. And we chose the CREOMG Robot Dog as our favorite. It’s a stunning feature for any tank while being made from aquarium-safe polyresin so it won’t harm your fish.

But we also assessed several excellent alternatives, with the key factor being they are all fully safe for your fish. From non-toxic resin figures, even to LEGO made from inert ABS plastic, we’ve got it all here.

So join us to find the best Star Wars aquarium decor in the galaxy!

  1. Best Overall: CREOMG Robot Dog
  2. Best Premium Centerpiece: LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet
  3. Best Character Figure: Hallmark Keepsake Darth Vader
  4. Best For Large Tanks: LEGO Star Wars The Razor Crest
  5. Best For Nano Aquariums: Hallmark Keepsake X-Wing Starfighter
  6. Best Swamp Background: SLOCME Aquarium Resin Wood Trunk

Best Star Wars Aquarium Decor Reviewed

While the options in this list are some of the coolest Star Wars ornaments you’ll find, they’re also completely safe to place in your fish tank. You can read more about the materials and safety aspects in our buying guide later on.

1. CREOMG Robot Dog


  • Material: Polyresin
  • Dimensions: 7.0 (w) x 3.9 (d) x 7.0 (h) inches
  • Tank Sizes: Best for 10 gallons and up
  • Key Features: Suitable for freshwater and saltwater, hideaway cavity with large opening for fish to swim through, realistic metallic and moss effect paintwork
  • Best For: Overall

The CREOMG Robot Dog is definitely one of the best Star Wars aquarium decor items we’ve seen and is our top pick overall. The faded metal and realistic moss effect make it the perfect choice if your theme centers on the swamp planet of Dagobah!

We’ve chosen the 7.0 x 3.9 x 7.0-inch version, which provides a stunning centerpiece for a 20.0 x 10.0 x 12.0-inch 10 gallon tank. But it can look just as good in a 40 gallon aquarium alongside other Star Wars decor. And the 5.9 x 5.5 x 3.4-inch model is great for 5 gallon tanks too!

It’s made of aquarium-safe polyresin, an inert polyester-based material that won’t leach any toxins or chemicals into your water. And as it’s safe for freshwater and saltwater, you can display it in either, without any concerns about degradation or harm to your fish.

The larger CREOMG Robot Dog weighs about 1.0 pound, which is equivalent to a normal bag of sugar. So once you place it in your tank it won’t get knocked or fall even with currents from a filter or wavemaker, particularly if you set it into your substrate.

The large hideaway with a doorway of about 1.0 x 1.5 inches provides a perfect place for your fish to swim, hide, and rest. But note one or two owners have reported finding a few sharp edges, so do file any away carefully.

  • Available in two sizes to suit nano aquariums to larger tanks
  • Made from aquarium-safe polyresin
  • Compatible with freshwater and saltwater tanks
  • Large hideaway for fish to explore
  • Occasional sharp edges in doorway opening

2. LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet


  • Material: LEGO (ABS)
  • Dimensions: 5.5 (w) x 5.5 (d) x 8.0 (h) inches
  • Tank Sizes: Best for 5 gallons and up
  • Key Features: 834 piece LEGO set, display stand and nameplate, step-by-step 160-page instruction book, LEGO brick separator tool
  • Best For: Premium Centerpiece

Many aquarists are turning to LEGO as an excellent way to create unique displays in their aquariums! LEGO is made from a plastic called ABS which is non-toxic and non-leaching. In fact, some aquarium equipment like reef tank plumbing is made from the same material.

The LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet can make a premium centerpiece whether inside or outside your tank! Its compact 5.5 x 5.5 x 8.0-inch size makes it an ideal showpiece if you have an 11.0 x 11.0 x 17.0-inch portrait 5 gallon aquarium, for example.

With 834 pieces to assemble, this doesn’t just make a great piece of Star Wars aquarium decor, it’s great to build too if you’re a fan. It comes with really easy-to-follow instructions and should take you around 2 hours to put together.

The finished helmet weighs in at just under two pounds, so once it’s sat firmly on its stand it won’t topple inside your tank. And with the usual quality of finish from LEGO, there are no sharp edges that could cause damage to your fish.

Although this helmet attracts the premium price you’d expect from a collector’s LEGO set, we love the fact that it looks so realistic and can be an ultra-cool way of bringing Star Wars decor into your tank!

  • Compact and striking centerpiece for small and medium tanks
  • Made from aquarium-safe Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic
  • Smooth with no sharp edges to harm fish
  • Easy and fun to assemble within about 2 hours
  • Premium price

3. Hallmark Keepsake Darth Vader


  • Material: Resin
  • Dimensions: 4.4 (w) x 2.9 (d) x 4.7 (h) inches
  • Tank Sizes: Best for nano aquariums up to around 20 gallons
  • Key Features: Detailed resin ornament with cloak and light-saber, gift box included
  • Best For: Character Figure

Hallmark Keepsake decorations are actually Christmas ornaments but they make excellent aquarium decor too! Hallmark uses resin and porcelain in their Keepsake decor, with small amounts of styrene for details [1].

This Keepsake Darth Vadar ornament is primarily made of resin material which will not leach inside your tank. So you can add it as part of your Star Wars theme without any danger of chemicals harming your fish.

At 4.4 x 2.9 x 4.7 inches, it’s an excellent character figure and will make a big impact in a small nano aquarium. But you can even display it in a 10 or 20 gallon aquarium with other Star Wars decor and it won’t look too small.

The ornament has 3 points of contact with the ground – two feet, and a rigid cloak. This really helps balance Darth when positioning him on your substrate! But bear in mind he weighs less than 5.0 ounces, so you’ll need to add some sand or gravel at his feet to anchor him.

Although Hallmark Keepsake ornaments are reasonably expensive, the detail and build quality are excellent, and many owners agree. Overall the Keepsake Darth Vadar ornament is a great way of adding a Star Wars feel!

  • Strong and durable with authentic detail
  • Made of resin material which is safe for your tank
  • No sharp edges to harm fish
  • Comes with premium gift box
  • Quite expensive

4. LEGO Star Wars The Razor Crest


  • Material: LEGO (ABS)
  • Dimensions: 15.0 (l) x 11.0 (w) x 5.5 (h) inches
  • Tank Sizes: Best for aquariums around 55 gallons and up
  • Key Features: 1,023 piece LEGO set, 4 LEGO mini-figures included, step-by-step 248-page instruction book, LEGO brick separator tool
  • Best For: Large Tanks

Our second LEGO pick is the Razor Crest set as its size and detail make it one of the best Star Wars aquarium decor items if you have a large tank. Once built, it measures 15.0 x 11.0 x 5.5 inches so can make an awesome display piece if you have a 55 gallon tank or larger.

Again, being made from inert, non-toxic Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) it won’t affect your water parameters and is completely safe for your fish. And there are no sharp points or edges that could tear delicate fins.

There are over 1000 pieces to this set, but the detailed 248-page instruction book walks you through the build step-by-step. So you can get plenty of enjoyment constructing this set before displaying it in your aquarium!

The Razor Crest comes with 4 mini-figures including The Child, Mandalorian, Greef Karga, and Scout Trooper. You can also position it in different configurations, such as leaving the rear ramp down. Plenty of scope to create the best Star Wars theme for your aquarium!

  • Large and detailed Star Wars craft, great for big tanks
  • Tough and inert ABS plastic
  • No sharp points or edges
  • Can configure into different poses to suit your theme
  • High price

5. Hallmark Keepsake X-Wing Starfighter


  • Material: Resin
  • Dimensions: 5.8 (l) x 4.8 (w) x 1.8 (h) inches
  • Tank Sizes: Best for nano to 10 gallon aquariums
  • Key Features: Detailed ornament depicting crashed X-Wing Starfighter on Dagobah, resin construct and lead-free, gift box included
  • Best For: Nano Aquariums

Another excellent piece from Hallmark is the Keepsake ‘X-Wing Starfighter on Dagobah’ which depicts the scene where the craft came down on the swamp planet. It’s certainly one of the best Star Wars aquarium decor items if you are looking to re-create this theme in your tank.

This ornament measures 5.8 x 4.8 x 1.8 inches so it’s a perfect size for nano aquariums of 3 gallons, 5 gallons, or even 10 gallons. But if you do have a larger tank you’re likely to need other Star Wars decor too so it doesn’t look lost.

Like the Keepsake Darth Vadar ornament, it’s made from high-quality lead-free resin. So you won’t have any issues with chemicals leaching into your water that could endanger your fish. 

At around 2.4 ounces the X-Wing ornament is quite light, and as several owners report, you’ll need to weigh it down or sink it into your substrate to stop it from floating upwards. But it does have the nose and rear landing gear to help make it stable.

While the excellent build quality means you shouldn’t find any sharp edges, do check for these before placing it into your tank. And bear in mind the 4 laser firing tips at the end of each cannon are quite pointed, so use caution if you keep delicate fish.

  • Authentic detail to fit with Dagobah swamp theme
  • Made of aquarium-safe lead-free resin
  • Compact size makes a great centerpiece for nano aquariums
  • Premium gift box included
  • Pointed laser cannon tips may be unsuitable for delicate fish
  • Quite light so needs to be weighed down in tank
  • Premium cost

6. SLOCME Aquarium Resin Wood Trunk


  • Material: Polyresin
  • Dimensions: 5.3 (d) x 7.1 (w) x 9.1 (h) inches
  • Tank Sizes: Best for aquariums of 10 gallons and upwards
  • Key Features: Realistic tree root with moss effect, swim-through areas for fish, aquarium-safe BPA-free polyresin, freshwater and saltwater compatible
  • Best For: Swamp Background

Staying on the planet of Dagobah, this Resin Wood Trunk helps you create the ideal backdrop for your Star Wars swamp theme. At 5.3 x 7.1 x 9.1 inches, it stands upright and makes a fantastic centerpiece in a 10 gallon tank, or a background ornament for larger aquariums.

Its twisted root structure has large openings of around 2 inches. Plenty of room for mid-size fish to swim through and hide between, without any fear of getting caught or injured. And although the ‘bark’ looks rough, it’s smooth to the touch and won’t harm your fish.

This decoration is made from aquarium-safe polyresin and is safe for freshwater and saltwater tanks. So you can use it in either environment without worrying about any chemicals getting into your water.

Some owners report that although the root is large it’s hollow and can sometimes float. So make sure you bed it well into your substrate to secure it. It’s also worth checking the inside for algae build-up every few weeks and gently cleaning with a soft brush.

  • Detailed and realistic, great for Star Wars swamp theme
  • Large size makes cool centerpiece
  • Smooth with no rough edges
  • Safe polyresin for freshwater and saltwater
  • Can float so ensure it’s pushed into substrate
  • Hollow inside can lead to algae build up

How To Choose The Best Star Wars Aquarium Decor

Before you choose the best Star Wars aquarium decor for your tank there are several things you should consider. The safety of your fish is an obvious priority, but let’s look at the rest of the factors in detail too.

Heavily planted tank

Creating A Star Wars Theme

An overall theme will help you choose the best Star Wars aquarium decor to display together and ensure your tank fits with your room. You could even place Star Wars pictures and memorabilia outside your aquarium to really make it stand out!

And there are plenty of ideas and tricks you can use inside your tank too. 

Pairing decor like the CREOMG Robot Dog with a snowy aquarium background is a fantastic way of creating a baron winter world. Or you can use driftwood and a heavily planted tank to design your own swamp planet!

Size Of Your Tank And Decorations

The best Star Wars aquarium decor will obviously need to fit inside your tank, so it’s important to check your measurements. But if you want to create an amazing themed tank it’s equally important to think about proportions.

So a collector’s mask like the LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet, measuring 5.5 x 5.5 x 8.0 inches, could be the perfect centerpiece if you have an 11.0 x 11.0 x 17.0 inch 5 gallon tank. But it could work well in a 40 gallon tank alongside other Star Wars decor.

Where Can I Find The Best Star Wars Aquarium Decor For My Tank?

You’ll certainly find several ‘spacecraft’ and related aquarium ornaments online or in your local fish store. But the choice of specific Star Wars aquarium decorations can be limited, with some items having been discontinued in recent years.

So to find the best Star Wars aquarium decor you may need to be creative with the items you choose. First and foremost though, it’s critical that these are completely safe for your fish.

What Star Wars Decorations And Materials Are Safe For Aquariums?

There are several aquarium-safe plastics and resins used in decorations and other equipment, such as hoses, filters, and heaters. So let’s look at the best Star Wars aquarium decor that uses those types of materials.

Aquarium Decorations – Polyresin

The best Star Wars aquarium decor are purpose-made fish tank decorations. Many are actually made from a type of polyester resin. Variations of which are used in many other applications including boats and marine equipment [2].

While most aquarium ornaments will be safe for your fish, for peace of mind look to see if they are made from ‘aquarium safe resin’ or ‘polyresin’. You should also check to see whether they are designed for freshwater and saltwater use.

Other Resin Figures

Similar to polyresin, ‘resin’ is often used more generally to refer to polyester or acrylic, both of which are safe for your aquarium. In fact, acrylic is used in aquarium-safe paints as well as being used to make tanks themselves.

Look to see that any figures your use are solid, without any articulating joints that could contain metal fittings. We cover the importance of avoiding metal below.

Lego – ABS

Many aquarists are turning to Lego sets to help create their Star Wars themed tanks. There are many adult-level sets allowing you to build various spaceships and characters. All of which can be a very cool way to enhance your tank!

Lego is made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), a type of plastic that’s strong, non-toxic, and non-leaching [3]. These properties make it very safe for use in your tank and are why it’s used for aquarium equipment such as filter parts, reef tank pipes, and bulkheads.

What To Avoid When Choosing The Best Star Wars Aquarium Decor

There are also some items and materials you should avoid when looking for Star Wars decor to add to your fish tank.

Plastic model kit

Plastic Scale Models

It might seem like a cool idea to use a scale model kit in your tank, but these don’t make the best Star Wars aquarium decor. Most kits are made from solid polystyrene plastic, also called General Purpose Polystyrene (GPPS).

While GPPS is generally non-toxic and used in food packaging, studies on polystyrene bottles have shown tiny amounts of chemical leaching can occur in water [4,5]. 

You should also be careful never to use model enamel paints in your tank. These oil-based paints contain solvents, pigments, and other toxic substances which can leach into your water and harm your fish.

Metal Ornaments

Always avoid placing any metals into your fish tank. Common metals used to make decorative ornaments, such as iron, copper, and aluminum can all be toxic to your fish and aquatic life [6].

This is also a reason you should refrain from using Star Wars toy figures in your tank. Many have articulated joints which may be made of metals like steel. When the water gets to these metals they’ll oxidize, leading to rust and toxins being released.

Look For Sharp Edges And Rough Surfaces

Before you add any ornaments to your tank, check to see there are no sharp edges or surfaces that could harm your fish. Even the best Star Wars aquarium decor can have the occasional bump or ridge.

Run your finger over the seams to check the edges. And pay extra attention to the inside edges of doors or openings as there can sometimes be imperfections in these areas. You can smooth any ridges you find by giving them a very light filing.

Quarantining And Cleaning Your Star Wars Aquarium Decor

As with any new additions to your fish tank, quarantine your Star Wars aquarium decor before use. It’s best to quarantine for at least 3 days in a separate tank or bucket along with a water conditioner.

After a few months, you may see some algae build up on your decorations. Usually, you should be able to remove this by rinsing with aquarium water and using a small brush to scrub narrow areas.

But for stubborn marks, clean your Star Wars decor using a very weak bleach solution. Soak in 1 part domestic bleach to 9 parts water and check every 30 minutes until clean. You should then soak in fresh water for about 3 hours before allowing it to dry.

Our Verdict

Finding the best Star Wars aquarium decor for your tank can be challenging. But with some creative thinking, you can find options that are ultra-cool yet safe for your fish.

We chose the CREOMG Robot Dog as our overall favorite Star Wars decoration. Its detailing and style make a stand-out impact in any Star Wars themed tank. And the aquarium-safe polyresin makes it suitable for freshwater and saltwater tanks.

But there are plenty of other excellent options above. So whether you have a nano aquarium or a 55 gallon tank, you can find the right decor to create the Star Wars theme of your dreams!


Here are the answers to the top frequently asked questions when it comes to choosing the best Star Wars aquarium decor for your tank!

Where Can I Find The Best Star Wars Aquarium Decor?

Finding the best Star Wars aquarium decor can be tricky but there are fantastic items like the CREOMG Robot Dog. You can also use LEGO and resin figures as covered above.

Why Is LEGO Star Wars Safe For My Fish Tank?

LEGO is made from ABS. It’s non-toxic and unlike some other plastics will not leach trace chemicals into your water. That’s why reef tank plumbing is usually made from ABS.

Are Star Wars Toys Or Models Safe For An Aquarium?

In general, no. Avoid using plastic scale model kits and other toys as there is the potential for the plastic to leach chemicals into your water over time. 

How Do I Prepare My Star Wars Decor For My Tank?

Quarantine any new decor in a separate bucket or tank with a water conditioner for about 3 days. This will help ensure you don’t bring any diseases into your aquarium.

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