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The Best Betta Fish Decorations To Keep Your Betta Stimulated

Choosing the best betta fish decorations can help create a stimulating environment for your betta’s tank!

By Matt Thomas
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best betta fish decorations

While bettas are solitary fish, their environment in the wild is often rich in vegetation giving them plenty of areas to hunt, explore, and rest in. By choosing the best betta fish decorations you can mimic this inside your own tank to keep your betta stimulated.

We assessed some of the best betta fish decorations and found the Penn Plax Stone Hideaway to be a great hideout for your betta if you want a natural-looking stone. And to create a well-planted tank, the artificial Otterly Pets Aquarium Plants are soft and safe for your betta.

But we’ve also covered plenty of other decorations below. From live plants to driftwood, to the cutest air bubbler available you’ll find them all here!

So let’s get started…

  1. Best For Aeration: TEEMO Aquarium Groot Air Bubbler
  2. Best Artificial Plants: Otterly Pets Aquarium Plants
  3. Best Rock Hideout: Penn Plax Stone Hideaway Decoration
  4. Best For Themed Tank: Penn Plax Spongebob Easter Island Ornament
  5. Best Betta Safe Driftwood: Fluval Mopani Driftwood
  6. Best Floating Hideout: Zoo Med Floating Betta Log
  7. Best For Live Plants: SubstrateSource Anubias Nana Aquarium Plant

Best Betta Fish Decorations Reviewed

We’ve assessed some of the best betta fish decorations across a range of categories including hideouts, artificial and live plants, and air bubblers. So whatever the theme or type of decoration you’re looking for you’ll find it here.

1. TEEMO Aquarium Groot Air Bubbler


  • Type Of Decor: Air Bubbler
  • Dimensions: 3.90 (h) x 2.50 (w) inches
  • Key Features: Robust resin design, air bubbler hidden within head, 10-foot air hose, 1 x T connector, 1 x air control valve, 1 x check valve, 2 suction cups
  • Best For: Aeration

First on the list is this adorable little air bubbler from TEEMO. If you’re into cute Marvel characters and want some extra aeration for your betta’s tank, the Groot Air Bubbler is a fantastic choice!

We’ve featured the medium-size version here which is only 3.9 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide at the base. So even if you own a small 10.0 x 10.0 x 14.0 inch 5 gallon tank it will still fit nicely in the corner, giving plenty of space for your betta.

Although bettas need a well-oxygenated tank, they do not like a strong water flow or current which can cause them stress [1]. The Groot air bubbler comes with an air control valve you fix into the air hose, and allows you to greatly reduce the flow of bubbles to keep your betta happy.

It also comes with a handy check valve to stop any water flowing backward from the bubbler to your air pump. Given you’ll need to purchase a separate air pump to use this bubbler, it’s great peace of mind to know there’s no chance of a reverse flow causing damage.

Some owners report that as this bubbler is quite small they’ve had problems getting it to stay sitting on the bottom, so you may need to weigh it down. But it does come with two suction cups which we found really help to keep it stable.

Note that Groot can come with either fully black eyes, or a slightly yellow surround even in the same model. But we think it’s really cute in either version, and most owners agree and add that the ability to control the bubble flow is great for their betta’s tank!

2. Otterly Pets Aquarium Plants


  • Type Of Decor: Artificial plastic aquarium plants
  • Dimensions: Small plants = 4.0 (h), large plants = 12.0 (h) inches
  • Key Features: 8 pack with two small, one medium, and five large plants, vibrant colors available in purple and blue or pink and blue, soft plastic material, ceramic base
  • Best For: Artificial Plants

Betta fish love a well-planted tank to explore and give them shelter to establish their territory. If you’re looking for vibrant, artificial plants that need zero maintenance this 8 pack of plants from Otterly Pets is perfect.

They are made from soft plastic with no metal internal wiring, making them great for your betta as he can swim through them freely without damaging his fins. And because there’s no metal you won’t have any problems with rust which can change the pH of your tank.

The two smaller plants in the pack are about 4 inches in height, with the five largest plants around 12 inches. If you have a 5 gallon betta tank you are only likely to need one or two of the small plants so that your aquarium doesn’t look too overcrowded.

But if you have a 10 gallon or 20 gallon community tank with your betta and other small fish like Oto Catfish, then all 8 plants will fit nicely. And for a 10 gallon tank that may be around 12 inches high, as these plants are not internally wired you can trim off an inch or two if needed.

Each plant comes with a weighted ceramic base which we found heavy enough to keep them stable. Or you can sink them into your substrate for extra support. And the vibrant colors will compliment your bettas own color well.

Many owners report these artificial plants are perfect for their betta, particularly in a 10 gallon tank or larger. And the soft plastic means their betta can explore without damaging their fins.

3. Penn Plax Stone Hideaway Decoration


  • Type Of Decor: Artificial granite stone hideout
  • Dimensions: 6.0 (w) x 5.5 (d) x 3.6 (h) inches
  • Key Features: Textured granite sand stone, 3 entrance holes, stackable design
  • Best For: Rock Hideout

Adding an aquarium rock or stone to your betta tank is a great way of creating a natural focal point as well as providing a hideout for your fish. And the Penn Plax Stone Hideaway is a fantastic choice for your betta.

It’s made using granite sand rather than resin which gives it a natural look and texture without being too rough for your betta. However, it’s still worth checking the surface before use, particularly around the openings to ensure there are no sharp edges.

The textured surface is also great for allowing beneficial bacteria to colonize, which supports your tank’s nitrogen cycle. So although you can easily wipe this rock clean, as with any aquarium maintenance we’d say only do this if there’s significant algal build-up or gunk.

We’ve featured the larger version here as its 6.0 x 5.5-inch base will still fit well in a 10 x 10 x 14 inch 5 gallon betta tank while giving plenty of room for your betta to hide inside and feel secure. If you do want a smaller size, the 2.5 x 2.75 x 2.0 inch stone is also available.

This stone has 3 entrance holes for your betta to swim through and explore, and if you do choose to buy another in the future note that these stones are stackable. So if you have a larger community tank for your betta you can arrange them however suits you!

Overall these are beautiful stones that many betta owners praise for being smooth and safe for their fish, although do take care to check for any areas that need a light sand before use.

4. Penn Plax Spongebob Easter Island Ornament


  • Type Of Decor: Spongebob themed hideout
  • Dimensions: 3.5 (w) x 3.0 (d) x 6.5 (h) inches
  • Key Features: Aquarium safe resin construct, sturdy base, easy to clean texture, large entrance
  • Best For: Themed Tank

If you want to bring some fun to your betta’s tank while providing him with a great hiding space, Spongebob’s Squidward Easter Island Ornament from Penn Plax is a great idea. You don’t have to have a Spongebob-themed aquarium to enjoy it either as it with look fantastic in any tank!

It’s 3.5 x 3.0 x 6.5-inch size means it’ll easily fit in a 5 gallon betta tank with room to spare. And the 2-inch high entrance and room inside will give your betta space to explore and hideaway in without any fear of him getting trapped.

Squidward’s Easter Island home is made from aquarium-safe resin and while it has a textured look is actually smooth to the touch. But just make sure you check the seams and edges and lightly file any rough ridges before use.

While some owners have reported issues with getting it to sit correctly at the bottom of the tank, we found the base to be heavy and sturdy. If you set it slightly into your substrate you should have no problems.

Overall this is a fun hideout that many betta owners love for its quirkiness and size, giving plenty of room for their fish while fitting nicely in a smaller tank.

5. Fluval Mopani Driftwood


  • Type Of Decor: Aquarium driftwood
  • Dimensions: 10.0 (w) x 4.0 (d) x 4.0 (h) inches (approximate size)
  • Key Features: Aquarium safe Mopani hardwood, sandblasted to remove unwanted material, source of natural tannins
  • Best For: Betta Safe Driftwood

Whilst a 5 gallon betta tank can sometimes be too small to add driftwood, Fluval’s Mopani is an excellent choice. Its average size of about 10 x 4.0 x 4.0 inches will fit even a 5 gallon aquarium especially if positioned at an angle but do check by measuring yours first.

Mopani is an African hardwood that is excellent for use in aquariums as it’s less prone to rot than some softer woods like cholla. Fluval ensure they clean and sandblast their Mopani so you won’t get any foreign materials in your tank which could cause disease.

Sandblasting also helps smooth the surface of the wood, which ensures your betta won’t catch its delicate fins. And Mopani is also naturally less spiky than some other woods such as Manzanita. Even so, check and sand any sharp areas before use in your tank.

Mopani is rich in tannins which give your water a slightly brown and natural look. Note that while tannins are great for helping control disease, they do lower pH. You can reduce the initial leaching of tannins by soaking your Mopani in fresh water for a week before use.

While some report that it takes over two weeks of soaking to reduce the tannin level in this Mopani, most praise Fluval’s product as a beautiful piece of driftwood that provides a great natural focal point for their betta tank.

6. Zoo Med Floating Betta Log


  • Type Of Decor: Artificial floating log
  • Dimensions: 3.5 (diameter) x 4.0 (length) inches
  • Key Features: Resin-coated aquarium safe plastic log, weighted base, realistic look, top feeding hole
  • Best For: Floating Hideout

Betta fish love to spend time at the water’s surface in their natural environment, swimming through vegetation and hunting for food like insect larvae. The Floating Betta Log from Zoo Med gives your betta a great hideout at the surface of your tank.

Its compact size of 3.5 inches in diameter x 4.0 inches in length, means it will fit even a small 5 gallon betta tank with a surface area of around 10 x 10 inches. And because it has a weighted base it will sit just at the surface without being too high up when your betta’s inside.

Whilst it has a realistic, natural-looking texture this floating log is actually made from plastic with a tough resin coating. It’s therefore actually quite smooth and safe for your betta’s flowing fins. But do still check for any ridges, particularly on the inside, and file them down before use.

Zoo Med’s floating betta log also has a large top feeding hole, so you can provide your betta with food if you find he likes to spend much of his time in there! Overall, betta owners give this floating log great feedback, reporting that their fish love the shelter it gives at the surface.

7. SubstrateSource Anubias Nana Aquarium Plant


  • Type Of Decor: Live aquarium plant
  • Dimensions: 3.0 to 5.0 (h) inches
  • Key Features: Anubias Nana aquarium plant, ships in 1 pot, 3 pot, and 5 pot sizes, slow to moderate growth rate
  • Best For: Live Plants

Anubias is a great plant for your betta tank thanks to its broad and relatively soft leaves which your betta can hide under or lounge on top of. This Anubias Nana from SubstrateSource is an excellent choice of live plant for your betta.

They come in 1 pot, 3 pot, or 5 pot packs, and each plant ships at around 3.0 to 5.0 inches in height. Given they have a slow to moderate growth rate, you can easily fit them in a 5 gallon betta tank knowing they won’t take over too quickly.

Anubias is easy to grow too as it only needs fairly low light and additional CO2 isn’t essential. So a smaller 5 gallon betta tank with 6500k LED lights is plenty to keep them in good condition.

While some users have reported occasions where snails have been shipped with these plants, in the majority of cases owners praise the inspection and customer service SubstrateSource offer. We recommend quarantining plants for about a week before adding them to your betta tank.

Benefits Of Choosing The Best Betta Fish Decorations

Providing a stimulating environment by using the best betta fish decorations has a number of benefits for your fish. Take a look at the top benefits below.

betta fish with red fins

Helps Prevent Betta Boredom!

Originating from shallow streams and rice paddies in South East Asia, betta fish live much of their time alone but have plenty to stimulate them in the wild. Their habitats can be quite large and interconnected, full of vegetation and areas for them to explore.

Providing plants and decor in your tank helps provide an interesting and stimulating home for your betta. Vegetation gives areas for your betta to mimic hunting and foraging, especially if you provide them with live food.

In this way, adding the best betta fish decorations and other items to your tank can help make sure your betta doesn’t become bored and may even help reduce stress in your fish [2].

Provides Hideouts For Your Betta

Adding logs, driftwood, and other decor to your tank provides excellent hideouts for your betta to investigate. Betta fish are highly territorial and providing hiding places is a great way of giving them areas in your tank where they can feel secure.

In fact studies on zebrafish, who have similar habitats in the wild, have shown they prefer areas of vegetation and cover when kept in a tank [3]. And it’s been suggested that bettas have the same preference [4].

Helps Your Betta Feel Safe

Providing the best betta fish decorations, including hideouts and plants, will help your betta establish his territory and feel safe. And the more comfortable he feels in your tank, the more you should see him out on display so you can enjoy his beautiful colors.

Not only this but providing an enriched environment can actually help reduce levels of aggression in betta fish [5]. So by helping him feel safe in his tank you may also be left with a calmer fish!

Provides Areas To Relax In

Betta fish often lie down on their side when resting rather than staying upright. Sometimes they’ll do this at the bottom of your tank, but a lot of the time they’ll lounge on a leaf nearer to the surface.

Plants can be the best betta fish decorations for them to rest on. A soft, broad-leaf plant like Anubias is perfect for your betta to relax on without having any sharp edges which could damage his fins.

Artificial betta fish toys like leaf hammocks are another great addition. These hammocks provide a safe, comfortable place for your betta to lie on. And they give extra cover your betta can hide under too.

Decorating Your Betta Tank

There are several factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best betta fish decorations and decorating your tank. Let’s look at the main ones you should consider.

red betta fish with green plants

Natural Look Or Theme?

Before you choose the best betta fish decorations for your betta tank, take a moment to think about the look you want. This could be more natural, sticking with live or artificial plants, driftwood, and rocks or it could be based on a theme.

There are plenty of fish tank decorations to fit just about any theme you can think of. From dinosaurs to pirates, castles to movie themes. Spongebob Squarepants, Lord Of The Rings, and Star Wars are all very popular and have suitable decor to fit!

Live Or Artificial Plants?

Bettas love a well-planted tank as it reflects the dense vegetation of their natural habitat and provides interest and shelter. You can go for live or artificial plants as long as whatever you choose is suitable for your betta.

There are some excellent artificial plants available that are not only highly realistic but also don’t need maintenance. Just make sure you stick with soft plastic plants or those made from silk to avoid any damage to your betta.

While live plants take more work to maintain, they have the added bonus of providing oxygen and removing nitrates from your water [6]. Again, choose wispy plants like Cabomba, or those with broad, soft leaves like Anubais which are suitable for your betta’s delicate fins.

Floating plants can be a good choice if you want to set up your tank for breeding. During this period, bettas will build a bubble nest at the water’s surface to care for their offspring [7]. Plants like Pennywort can help anchor and support them.

Driftwood And Logs For Bettas

Adding driftwood to your aquarium can provide a great place for your betta to explore. But when it comes to bettas it’s especially important to use the right type. Stay away from any driftwood that has sharp edges or twigs that could harm him.

Smoother hardwoods, such as Mopani, are much better to include in your tank. Not only is Mopani less rough and spiky than some other driftwood, but it is rich in tannins. These act to slightly lower the pH and also give your water a natural brown tinge.

Tannins can help control parasitic and other fish diseases such as Ich [8]. And while your betta prefers a neutral pH (7.0), it’s equally comfortable in slightly acidic water of around pH 6.5. You can reduce the tannin level at any time by using activated carbon in your betta’s filter.

Rocks And Hideouts

Aquarium rocks are a great way to give your tank a natural look. Again, make sure you choose smoother ones, avoiding any sharp edges. As well as providing interest for your betta, rocks are a great place for beneficial bacteria to colonize which will help your tank’s nitrogen cycle.

If you want to add a hideout such as a shipwreck or artificial cave to your tank, these can be another fun way of providing your betta with a space to retreat to. As always, make sure there are no sharp edges or spiky parts that could hurt your fish.


Although bettas frequently visit the water’s surface to gulp air, this is mainly a survival mechanism allowing them to live in shallow water during dry seasons in the wild [9]. In fact, your betta needs well-filtered and oxygenated water.

Using a bubbler is a great way of adding extra oxygen to your tank. They come in many sizes and styles, from more natural-looking bubblers and stones to themed decorations and characters.

What To Avoid When Choosing The Best Betta Fish Decorations

There are also a few important things to avoid when choosing the best betta fish decorations for your tank. 

Sharp Edges, Ridges, And Rough Surfaces

As we’ve mentioned throughout this guide, one of the main things to look out for when choosing the best betta fish decorations is sharp edges that could damage their delicate fins. Carefully check any decorations you buy by running your finger over surfaces, seams, and ridges.

Make sure you file any raised edges that could harm your betta before using the decoration in your tank. And when it comes to natural materials like rocks or driftwood, use aquarium-safe items from a reputable seller that have been properly treated.

Metal And Glass

Whilst you won’t find many betta fish decorations made of metal or glass, make sure you avoid these materials altogether. Metal can rust, affecting your water quality, and any rusty edges can be a potential trap to damage your betta or its fins.

Glass decorations are again very uncommon but should be avoided. While glass can be reasonably strong, if it does smash or chip it’s usually very difficult to repair. And chipped glass can present another sharp edge that can be dangerous for your betta.

Shells And Other Beach Materials

Never bring in any shells or other beach materials to use in your betta’s tank. While you may find some beautiful items on a trip to the coast, materials brought in from outside can carry pollutants or bacteria that could cause disease.

Adding shells to your tank should also be avoided. Shells are made of calcium which can raise your water from a neutral pH of 7.0 to become highly alkaline. Your betta needs a pH between 6.5 to 7.5 to thrive.

Remember To Quarantine

Once you’ve chosen the best betta fish decorations for your tank you should quarantine them first. This will ensure you don’t bring in any parasites or diseases into your betta’s tank. 

Depending on the item, plan to quarantine it for around 3 days to a week in a separate tank or bucket using a water conditioner. You can then introduce it to your betta’s tank, making sure there’s plenty of room for him to swim and move between any decorations.

Our Verdict

Bettas originate from stimulating environments in the wild with plenty of vegetation, and choosing the best betta fish decorations can help you mimic this in your tank.

If you want to provide your betta with a well-planted tank but prefer artificial plants, the Otterly Pets Aquarium Plants pack is a great choice. 

And for hideouts, the Penn Plax Spongebob Easter Island Ornament brings fun into your tank, or the Penn Plax Stone Hideaway is a great choice for a more natural look.

However you want to decorate your tank, you’ll find some of the best betta fish decorations on our list. So have fun creating a stimulating environment for your betta!


We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions when it comes to choosing the best betta fish decorations. Just take a look below!

What Are The Best Betta Fish Decorations?

Any items that can provide interest, hiding, and resting places make the best betta fish decorations. Rocks, driftwood, and live or artificial plants are all perfect for your betta.

Are Plastic Decorations Safe For Betta Fish?

Most soft plastic aquarium decorations are generally safe for betta fish. Just ensure you check for any ridges or sharp edges, particularly with artificial aquarium plants.

What Decorations Should I Avoid?

Avoid decorations that are made with metal or glass, and always check for sharp edges or ridges before using any decorations in your betta’s tank.

Do Bettas Prefer A Well Planted Tank?

Yes! A well-planted tank mimics your betta’s natural habitat and provides plenty of cover for them to explore and establish their territory.

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