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The Best 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand And Cabinet Picks

Find out all you need to know to support your 50 or 55 gallon fish tank with our guide to the best 55 gallon aquarium stand for you!

By Julie Millis
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best 55 gallon aquarium stand

Whether you are looking for a stand for a 50 gallon or 55 gallon fish tank, these are both large aquariums and need proper support. But how do you find the best 55 gallon aquarium stand (or the best 50 gallon fish tank stand) for your needs?

We spent many hours researching and validating the best aquarium stands on the market to help you make the right choice. Overall we found the Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand to be a great choice for a 55 gallon glass tank. 

But if you’re looking for a wooden cabinet that can support a 50 or 55 gallon aquarium, or even a stand that can support two large tanks at once we’ve got them all here.

So let’s get straight into it!

Remember, a 55 gallon fish tank can weigh around 600 lbs when filled, so always use a 55 gallon aquarium stand to support it correctly.

  1. Best Premium Cabinet: Aquatic Fundamentals Wood Aquarium Stand
  2. Best For Metal Frame: Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand
  3. Best For Budget: Aquatic Fundamentals Metal Aquarium Stand
  4. Best Stylish Design: Ollie & Hutch Farmington Aquarium Stand
  5. Best Dual Aquarium Stand: TitanEze Double Aquarium Stand

Best 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand Picks Reviewed

We reviewed each of the aquarium stands below for their ability to support a 50 gallon or 55 gallon fish tank – and in some cases both! The key is to make sure you check your tank’s measurements to fit each one properly.

1. Aquatic Fundamentals Wood Aquarium Stand


  • Material And Style: Powder-coated fiberboard
  • Dimensions: 49.37 (l) x 13.12 (d) x 28.25 (h) inches
  • Maximum Gallons: 55 gallons
  • Key Features: Two 12” wide handleless doors, open back with supporting brace, solid wood top, locking cam fittings
  • Best for: Premium Cabinet

Our top pick for the best premium cabinet is the Aquatic Fundamentals Wood Aquarium Stand. We’ve featured smaller sizes of this fish tank stand in previous reviews, and the 55 gallon stand is just as awesome! It also comes in a 50 gallon version too.

Its 49.37 x 13.12 inch top will fit most 55 gallon tanks and as the top is solid it gives extra support for your tank whether glass or acrylic. And at 28.25 inches in height it will sit your tank perfectly at eye level for viewing your fish.

Many owners report this stand is easy to assemble, which we agree with, and the instructions are clear. And while there’s no internal shelf it means you get almost the full height of the stand for storage. Overall this is a sleek, modern cabinet that will support your tank in style!

2. Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand


  • Material And Style: Powder-coated steel frame
  • Dimensions: 48.5 (l) x 13.5 (d) x 29.5 (h) inches
  • Maximum Gallons: 55 gallons
  • Key Features: Powder-coated steel frame, adjustable feet for leveling, open top with 3 additional steel support braces
  • Best for: Metal Frame

The Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand is a fantastic choice if you are looking for a simple, yet stylish metal framed stand for a glass aquarium. Whilst it supports the edges of your tank, it also has 3 extra steel braces across the top to easily support the weight of a 55 gallon tank.

Many owners have reported that, whilst it’s very easy to assemble, they have had issues with getting the top of the 55 gallon stand flush. Whilst we didn’t have this problem, other owners have added an additional plywood top for extra peace of mind.

But overall this is a sleek and durable stand, and the adjustable feet are a fantastic feature allowing you to get it fully level on carpet or uneven floors.

3. Aquatic Fundamentals Metal Aquarium Stand


  • Material And Style: Powder-coated traditional steel frame
  • Dimensions: 48.3 (l) x 12.8 (d) x 27.8 (h) inches
  • Maximum Gallons: 55 gallons
  • Key Features: Powder-coated moisture-resistant steel frame, traditional style with scrollwork
  • Best for: Budget

Our top pick if you’re on a budget is the Aquatic Fundamentals Metal Aquarium Stand. Its scrollwork makes for an elegant design. And whilst it’s a slim stand, it can support 550 lbs of weight. Although, this can be slightly under for some 55 gallon tanks so do check your first.

Unlike a wooden cabinet, the slimline design is fantastic if you want to place the stand in a narrow area or close to a wall. And as it’s completely open there’s no issue with wiring up equipment or ventilation.

Many owners give this stand high praise for its ease of assembly. And while some have highlighted it can wobble when set up, once it has the weight of a tank on top it is very sturdy indeed. Overall a slim, elegant aquarium stand which is good for your budget too!

4. Ollie & Hutch Farmington Aquarium Stand


  • Material And Style: Laminated MDF and particleboard
  • Dimensions: 50.0 (l) x 19.8 (d) x 29.2 (h) inches
  • Maximum Gallons: Suitable for 50 or 55 gallon aquarium
  • Key Features: Cabinet style stand constructed of laminated particleboard and MDF, divided into two cabinets each with two storage shelves and double doors, solid back with access slots at rear to accommodate wiring, easy to assemble
  • Best for: Stylish Design

The Farmington from Ollie & Hutch is a stylish, cabinet-style aquarium stand that also serves as a beautiful piece of furniture. The 50.0 x 19.8 inch top makes it versatile enough to support either your 50 gallon or 55 gallon tank whether glass or acrylic.

Inside the cabinet is so large it’s actually divided into two, with each section accessible via a pair of double doors. And you get a shelf in each, meaning plenty of space to store equipment and supplies. The solid back makes this stand feel more robust, and has access slots for wiring.

Whilst some owners have reported some damage with packaging, the majority offer great praise for this product as a high-quality and stylish aquarium stand which is great looking and sturdy too!

5. TitanEze Double Aquarium Stand


  • Material And Style: Powder-coated tubular steel frame
  • Dimensions: 50.5 (l) x 13.0 (d) x 32.0 (h) inches
  • Maximum Gallons: Suitable two 55 gallon aquariums
  • Key Features: Powder-coated frame, double wall construction, heavy duty polymer feet, supports up to two 55 gallon tanks, easy slot together assembly
  • Best for: Dual Aquarium Stand

The Titaneze Double Aquarium Stand is an aquarium stand we’ve reviewed many times for various sizes of tank due to its fantastic versatility. Despite its slender look, this 55 gallon version can hold two 55 gallon fish tanks, one above the other.

These frames are effectively designed to slot together, making assembly incredibly easy. And it also means you can take them apart and store them away if you ever need to. Whilst there’s no hidden storage, many owners have made a separate plywood shelf at the bottom for supplies.

Overall this frame is incredibly strong and sturdier than it looks, and receives high praise for its versatility and modern looks. A perfect choice if you want to display two large tanks!

What To Consider When Looking For The Best 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand

Whether you have a 50 or 55 gallon aquarium, or a glass or acrylic tank, these are amongst several factors you need to consider before choosing the right stand.

modern fish tank in bright room

Before we get into these, let’s weigh up the pros and cons of buying a ready-made stand for a larger tank like this.

Pros and Cons of Ready-Made Aquarium Stands

Opting for a store-bought aquarium stand to support your 50 gallon or 55 gallon fish tank is a fantastic way to display it safely. Let’s begin by looking at the pros and cons of these stands.


  • Bear Weight Correctly: Store bought aquarium stands are specifically designed to bear the weight of the tank they are made for. They do this by using the right materials, and with features like reinforced tops and locking cams to join panels.
  • Additional Safety Features: A ready-made fish tank stand will often have additional safety features. For example, some metal stands have recessed lips in the top of the frame to stop your tank slipping, or non-slip adjustable feet to help you get it fully level.
  • Peace Of Mind: By opting for a store bought stand you know you’ll be getting a purpose built product that’s been designed and tested to support your tank properly.
  • Style And Design: Whether you want a minimalist frame or a stylish cabinet, by choosing a store bought aquarium stand you’ll get a professionally designed product to suit your home just like any other piece of furniture.


  • Price: Fish tank stands for larger tanks can tend to get expensive, although you do still have choice depending on the material. Plywood stands are more expensive than fiberboard for example.
  • Limited Options: As aquarium stands get bigger there tend to be less to choose from, particularly for 75 gallon fish tanks or above. In many cases large aquariums tend to come with the stand, or it is custom made.

Type Of Tank: Glass Or Acrylic?

When looking for the best 50 gallon fish tank stand or best 55 gallon aquarium stand, a key factor is whether you own a glass or acrylic tank. With glass tanks you can choose a metal stand that only supports the edges, but an acrylic tank needs support across the whole base.  

Acrylic is designed to bow very slightly to compensate for the pressure of the water, a bit like the wings of a plane flexing in the air [1]. This is called deflection and, whilst it’s completely normal, it means acrylic tanks need their whole base supported to stop them bowing too much.

Size And Shape Of Your Tank

Finding the best 55 gallon aquarium stand also depends on the shape and dimensions of your fish tank. Whilst you can get 50 gallon and 55 gallon aquariums in different shapes, such as bow fronts, many come as standard rectangular prisms with the following average dimensions:

  • 50 gallon aquarium: 36” length x 15” width x 21” height
  • 55 gallon aquarium: 48” length x 13” width x 20” height

Note these are average measurements though, and should only be used as a guide. The main thing to remember is if you are measuring up for a stand with a solid top, make sure your tank is slighting smaller so that the base is fully supported.

And if you are measuring a metal frame stand for a glass tank that will only support the edges, it’s even more crucial to match the measurements of the base to ensure the correct fit.

Weight Of Your Aquarium

A 50 or 55 gallon aquarium is not a light tank, and it’s crucial all this weight is supported properly and that it’s evenly distributed through the stand. 50 to 55 gallon fish tanks in glass can weigh at least 85 lbs when empty, and over 600 lbs when filled with water and substrate.

To help support this weight evenly some of the best 55 gallon aquariums stands have adjustable feet so you can get them perfectly level. But if you find the perfect stand without this feature it’s not a deal breaker as you can still get things level using plastic shims (wedges) under the feet.

Location And Placement

When you have a large aquarium like a 50 or 55 gallon tank, finding the right location for it becomes all the more essential. Some of the main factors to bear in mind are:

  • Traffic And Floor Support: Look to choose an area which can bear the 600+ lbs weight of your tank plus the stand, such as near to a load bearing wall. And avoid high traffic areas where the stand could get knocked or too much noise could disturb your fish.
  • Maintaining Temperature: Always keep your tank out of direct sunlight and away from draughts such as near doors or windows. Any temperature fluctuations can stress your fish, which is why you should maintain it consistently by using a heater in your tank. 
  • Getting Your Tank Level: Your tank should sit perfectly level on its stand so that the weight is evenly distributed and there’s no excess pressure put on the seals, panels, or the stand itself. So look to choose a good, level floor and then do any small adjustments using shims or adjustable feet if your stand has them.

How To Choose The Best 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand For You

Now we’ve thought about your tank and home environment, let’s look at the stand itself and what you need to consider to help choose the best 50 or 55 gallon aquarium stand for you.

fish tank on stand in lounge

Type Of Material For Your Aquarium Stand

Most aquarium stands, regardless of their size, are made from three types of materials – metal, engineered wood (usually particleboard or MDF), or wood (mainly plywood). All of these are suitable for your 50 or 55 gallon aquarium, and each have their own pros and cons:

  • *Metal: These fish tank stands are usually steel frames and are powder-coated for water resistance. Metal aquarium stands are usually the most affordable yet incredibly strong. But the downside is you don’t get the storage space you do with a cabinet.
  • Particleboard Or MDF: Aquarium stands made from engineered wood are usually particleboard or MDF (medium-density fiberboard). MDF is denser and therefore stronger than particleboard, and the best 55 gallon aquarium stands tend to be made from a combination of both.
  • Wood: Plywood stands are a great choice for 55 gallon aquariums and above because they are strong and can also be made as cabinets to hide away your equipment or sump. However, plywood stands are quite rare and tend to be expensive as often you’ll need them custom made.

*As I highlighted earlier, acrylic tanks must have their whole base supported. So while you can safely use a metal-framed stand designed to just support the edges of a glass tank, it should not be used for an acrylic aquarium. Engineered wood is a much better choice.

Height Of Your Aquarium Stand

Like aquarium stands for other sizes of fish tank, the best 55 gallon aquarium stands tend to be around 27 to 33 inches in height. This generally puts the tank at eye level when you are sitting, so you get the best view of your fish.

Whilst height is not as important as making sure your tank fits properly on the stand it’s still worth factoring in. For example, make sure the combined height of your tank and stand will still allow you to reach in easily for maintenance. 

And if you have kids or pets and are worried about your tank getting knocked, a slightly higher stand can be the better option.

Price And Your Budget

A fish tank stand for a 50 or 55 gallon aquarium will always come with a reasonably sized price tag. That said, if you want a strong and stylish stand for a glass tank, then a metal aquarium stand is the perfect choice and will tend to be much more affordable.

But if you prefer the look of wood, you need the storage space or you have an acrylic tank then the more expensive engineered wood stands are really the best way to go. 

And whilst they cost more than metal stands, engineered wood is still much cheaper than plywood and gives you the bonus of plenty of storage and stylish design to fit in with your home furniture and decor. 

Our Verdict

If you own a glass 55 gallon aquarium the Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand or TitanEze Double Aquarium Stand are both great choices for a minimal yet modern look.

Or for a beautiful piece of furniture that can support a 50 gallon or 55 gallon fish tank equally well, we recommend the Ollie & Hutch Farmington Aquarium Stand.

Whichever you go for, whether you are looking for the best 50 gallon fish tank stand or the best 55 gallon aquarium stand, think about your environment, re-check your measurements and use our buying guide to help find the best aquarium stand for you!


Here are answers to some of the top questions asked about 50 and 55 gallon aquariums stands. Take a look below!

Do All Aquariums Need A Stand?

Nano aquariums (i.e. those below 10 gallons) can often be supported on a sturdy desk or cabinet. But larger tanks do need a stand. For a 50 to 55 gallon aquarium a stand is a must.

Is A Metal Or Wood Stand Better For A 55 Gallon Aquarium?

Metal stands that support the edges of the tank or wooden stands can both be used for glass tanks. If you have an acrylic tank you must use a wooden stand that will support the whole base.

Can I Install The Aquarium Stand Myself?

Yes! In most cases a metal or wooden 55 gallon aquarium stand will come as a flat pack item for home assembly. They usually need two adults to assemble as often panels can be quite large.

How Do I Level My 55 Gallon Aquarium On The Stand?

Position your aquarium and stand on a level floor and check the top using a spirit level. Either adjust it using the stands adjustable feet if it has them. Or by using plastic shims (i.e. wedges).

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